Welcome to LaBree's Bakery

LaBree's Bakery is a family-owned business that produces top quality, home-style baked goods. Our products are currently sold to supermarkets, food services, distributors, warehouses and to the U.S. Government, either directly or through food brokers and distributors. Our baked goods can be found in grocery stores, convenience stores, schools, hospitals, and military commissaries throughout the continental United States. Our customers are serviced by both the LaBree's Bakery team located in our home office and our Regional Sales Teams.

Featured Products

Worldwide Shipping

LaBree's Bakery is experienced with and ready for shipping to any destination around the world.

Excellence in Execution

Our detailed QC process ensures that every product is created correctly, and at an optimum quality.

Wide Variety

Our product line includes everyday items, as well as holiday and seasonal tailored products to suit any need your business may have.