LaBree's Bakery is hiring production workers for our first and second shifts. Those shifts run 6 AM - 4 PM and 6 PM to 4 AM respectively. Among other positions, we generally have available openings for mixers, cake line operators for the creatively inclined, as well as skilled positions such as forklift drivers and maintenance. We do also have a need presently for weekend janitorial staff. 

Fill out an Application

We ask that all potential employees fill out an employment application. You can either download that application here and print it out, or fill it out in person in our main office. 

Download Application

Bring it to us

Once you've filled out your application, we ask that you bring it to our front office at 169 Gilman Falls Ave, Old Town, ME 04468. LaBree's hires regularly, so pending acceptance of your application, we should be able to get you into our next hiring cycle.

Specialized Positions

Occasionally, LaBree's will hire for specialized skill positions either on the production floor or in the office. Generally speaking, we subcontract these offers out to staffing agencies in the area. Most can be found when available via job sites like